UGC was created to cultivate the making of short films, educate and inspire communities, and activate open spaces in urban settings. In an age of on-demand downloads, youtube uploads, and vimeo social clubs, UGC attempts to re-energize a vacant space by bringing community together to sit on the grass in concert with the businesses and general public that live and work nearby. At the same time our first annual screening celebrates Delaware by showcasing what independent moving image-makers are doing in our state.

History: In recent summers, University of Delaware art professors Colette Gaiter and Amy Hicks co-organized the outdoor film screening event Garden Cinema, hosted at the Wilmington home of Chris Johansen and Herman Boyd. The event began in 2006 with friends getting together to watch films outdoors, evolved in 2008 to include a few short student videos before the feature film, and by summer 2011 grew into an all out short video festival with nearly 100 in attendance.

Although Garden Cinema outgrew its backyard origins, we saw the potential for combining the intimate feeling of friends gathered outdoors to watch movies with a more active approach to art and public space. Ultimately UGC aims to nurture emerging talents who work with moving images in all its formats. We plan to bring these works to the public through social action film projects, new media workshops, and educational programs throughout the year.

2012 Jurors are Colette Gaiter, Amy Hicks, Herman Boyd, and Shawn DiCriscio. Attendees will also be able to vote on People's Choice Awards.