409 N Market Street
Saturday, September 29, 7 PM

Live Music by
Tilting Windmills   

Kevin Allen, DJ Bran "Road To Success"
Watch one of the Tri-States hottest Disc Jockeys, Brandon Corporal, also known as DJ Bran on his road to success and witness a talented and hardworking young man dreams come true.
TRT: 02:59

Laura Basson, Sligo, 1954
A short, narrative animation that utilizes found photographs to create a snapshot of a day in a small town.
TRT: 02:15

Amy Batog, Time Stands Still
Inspired by Einstein's Dreams, this work represents an eerie, unknown place where time stands still.
TRT: 04:04

Chloe Berk, Snake in the Grass
A young woman goes through her ordinary daily routine - an object in her room thinks it should happen differently.
TRT: 02:24

Kimberly Blasnik, Finding Zero
A story of distorted truths, realizations and hope.
TRT: 02:52

Nancy Breslin, Pteromerhanophobia
An attempt to capture the fear I have of flying, exacerbated recently by being on a prop plane from Philly to Newark, NJ.
TRT: 01:07

Christine Cha, Sushi
A burger walks into a sushi bar...
TRT: 01:36

Christine Cha, Key ingredients
A fruit barber shop quartet.
TRT: 01:33

Owen Corrigan, Forty Two
Forty Two is a list of forty two ideas.
TRT: 05:48

Andrew Czudak, Debate Posters
Two political posters argue about topics neither truly understand.
TRT: 03:04

Sarah Duyer, The Carnivale
A child's boredom comes alive.
TRT: 03:41

Sarah Duyer , Ghosts of the Next Generation
(Hopefully not) a glimpse into the future.
TRT: 01:35

Ryan Gifford, Jabaar Brown - Underground Comixxx
University of Delaware Visual Communication students working with the Creative Vision Factory to highlight a selected local artist, Jabaar Brown, and bring attention to the role of comic books within the urban community.
TRT: 05:54

Dramane Gnessi, A House for Rent
"A House for Rent" is a short fictional account of my fear for ghost and cemeteries and how this fear affected and still affects my life.
TRT: 03:34

Kiah Graham, Walking the Labyrinth: Journey to the Center
A short film documenting the labyrinth walk that took place at the Delaware Art Museum on June 21, 2012.
TRT: 06:30

Virginia Hall, Marks
One of them is true.
TRT: 01:06

Rhiannon Hare, Wildflower
A free-spirited girl finds herself interacting with painted flowers on the University of Delaware campus.
TRT: 01:31

Camille Legge, The Hunt
Hand drawn animation about the animals that live in the forest whom soon realize that they are not alone.
TRT: 01:09

Camille Legge, A Day in the Life
A stop motion animation from my dog's perspective.
TRT: 01:46

Michael McCollough and Meg Thomas, How to Exhibit Proper Interview Etiquette
A comedic take on an otherwise, normal interview process.
TRT: 02:33

Jeffrey Moser, Fordland
This film presents appropriated 16mm Ford Promotional film as a moving grid of color and pattern, inspired heavily by Muybridge's early motion studies, and speaks of production, automation, and beauty.
TRT: 03:16

Jeffrey Moser, The Train
Working with the interchange between space and time, I present this moving picture of the entire CSX freight train which passes through the University of Delaware campus more than ten times a day.
TRT: 02:30

John Redden, Shadows
This is a short animation that was achieved by shooting video, printing out each individual frame, editing them by hand, and recapturing them.
TRT: 03:30

John Redden, Dragon
This is a short silhouette-style animation that depicts a dragon, as mythical creatures are something that I'm interested in animating.
TRT: 02:09

Justin Sadegh, Chloe Berk, Kevin Schmidt, and Stephanie Vernooy
How To Break Up With The Person You Love
A 'How To' guide for breaking up with the person you love.
TRT: 03:52

Kofi Sarfo, The Adventures of Beatman in: Family Dinner
A musical superhero must save his city in time for family dinner...
TRT: 02:33

Kevin Shields, Aura Portraits
Two video portraits where each subject was asked to bring items that they felt defined them and these objects were used to composite an aura portrait.
TRT: 02:57

Maxwell Spencer, Newspaper Sword Fight
Just a typical Newspaper Sword Fight in Rome.
TRT: 04:03